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Hey, great scary monster that I found kind of funny. I didn't know reading could make some people/creatures so angry. Hooked On Creature Phonics might cheer him up, maybe he can't read.


I shitted myself cuz I saw the monster


The monster being able to hear you through walls even when doing something like picking up a page while you have no idea where it is makes this a purely luck based game which is not for me.

I will report a bug, first time I started it, when the player character stands up he clipped through the floor into the void. When ejecting and starting again it didn't happen, both times I didn't touch the controls.

If you can identify the cause of attracting the monster, it isn't luck based

Yes it is, since you yourself has no idea if it'll hear you or not.

but its realistic

If realism = boring and frustrating, I want none of it.


I HAVE NEVER SCREAMED SO LOUD IN MY LIFE WHILE PLAYING A SCARY GAME! I NEARLY THOUGHT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT THIS GAME BUT I FINALLY DID IT! I made 2 videos on this game, in the first one on my channel I didn't beat it, but in this one I did. It took a lot out of me XD but it's a shame that this'll only be a prototype. This was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!


I'm working on a game based on this prototype so please, follow me on if you want to know when this game will be available :)

Of course! I just followed you right now. Can't wait for it. :)


the game is similar to Slenderman.It is also necessary to collect notes.But I didn't get it.The monster hears you all the time.


игра похожая на слендермена.Тоже надо собирать записки.Но она мне не далась.Монстр постоянно тебя слышит.


You have to walk. Don't run. And make sure the monster Can't see you. Ohh also, when you collect the page, monster will run to you, so you need to quickly walk away. If monster see you, there is maybe 10% chance that you will loose him. He is very fast when he runs so you need to be very careful. 

Yess you're right. Kimleftarm(the utuber) followed that rule too.

A famous Utuber from South Korea has completed the game. Start watching from 7:04

Well the poop monster got me faster than I could collect his diary pages but good to finally find SOMETHING in the Backrooms

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Nunca debi jugar este juego


Absolute great, actually enjoyed how difficult it was! 

I wanted to do some fan art after 25 minutes of finishing the standard version of the game! The standard version of the game can be resettable for me, I know the perfect way…

The game has a good setting and the sounds that the creature makes give you goosebumps, hopefully in the future there will be a story because the game has potential, good game!
Game Completed Here

The Entity is WAY to fast and also might wanna add an option menu so we can turn off the effect if we wanted, good game otherwise its like Slenderman but The Backrooms

Gave it a Lets Play, though I'd say the AI is a bit frustrating, the movement/shift camera jerk and visuals a bit extreme 

Here in my backrooms...

Very agressive entity
Show post...

Im scared. There should be a settings where you can turn off the glitch effect... its making my CP lag... also WHY IS HE SO FAST?!


 i love it :)


I like the idea of this game a lot 

And the game itself looks fine,

But my main problem is the monster. It  can be a very random with its walk patterns and can sometimes hear you from far across the map.

I also died many times just because the monster happened to spawn very close to where the player spawns. Overall I think game has potential but obviously needs a lot fixes

I Couldn’t Beat This Game… | Here In The Backrooms Gameplay


Nice game !

I'm a big fan of your other game, Mandela Invasion, so as a fan of the Backrooms I clearly had to play this as well! And, oh my God, it's scary! You really have a talent for creating a suspenseful and eerie atmosphere. I was on edge the entire time playing and I love (and hate bc of how scary it is) that you can hear the monster getting to you and the monster can hear you! Very suspenseful, I enjoyed it a lot! :) Keep up the good work


Dear God this game is horrifying!

Amazing work dude I really felt a sense of dread the whole time I was playing this.

I don't know what it is about the backrooms but I think I have a phobia lol.


Aaw man I can't play because it's lagging like mad


The sound mechanic in this game was amazing. I like how it would immediately come to the area when you grabbed a page. Great work! 


I loved how this looked and tried to record a playthrough for my channel, but after about an hour of playing I found that this game is pretty much unplayable. At least for me.

The moster is unescapable if it sees you, and it's speed is way too fast, making it impossible to outrun. I tried walking instead of running one round but it's ablility to detect the player through the walls killed me almost as soon as I started.

But I understand that this is a prototype, and not everything is perfect. I'm looking forwards to the final release, and am excited to see how it'll turn out in the future.


Hi! Here are some tips:

1. The monster hears you running far away, so it's better to walk than run.
2. The monster DOES NOT SEE through walls. He can see from a distance, but cannot see through walls.
3. When you collect the page, the monster runs to the place where the page was. First, make sure the monster is somewhere far away from you. Then collect the page and run a bit to the side and stand still. The monster will run to the place where the page was and will go its own way.

I saw videos on youtube where people used these tips and won.
 When I tested the game, I also failed at the beginning, but later I managed to win.


Good game looks good, just like I like a dress, ha ha, there are 20 seconds to download!


Great game! Terrifying 


Only a short video but creepy as fuck.

Deleted post

nice game


Another fantastic game. Incredibly fun, but also insanely terrifying. The monster is challenging to figure out, but the trial and error nature of the game made it a little easier each time. Luckily, I managed to collect all the pages, but I was legit shaking by the end of it from the adrenaline + fear. Amazing job! This is my favorite backrooms game so far!

I love the aesthetic of the broken camera lens, but the tracking jump is very disruptive and disorienting in a way I don’t find fun. I think this one shows a lot of promise, but personally I hope that the more dramatic tracking effects are left out of whatever becomes of this title.

Thanks. Camera effects and a few other things will be changed in a game based on Here in The Backrooms. There will be no more collecting pages, but I don't want to reveal everything ;)

The Slender format works great for testing purposes. When you’re really just exploring options there’s no reason to build everything from the ground up just to make a functional tester, right? But it sounds like you’ve got some good ideas for what it’s all going to become, and that’s awesome. Keep at it. ^__^

Yes, I added pages collection because, even if it's just a Prototype, there has to be a goal to achieve. There is a plan for a game and I will use what's in "Here in The Backrooms". This game will propably appear on in Early Access.


This could very well be the best one! The only problem is people can't outrun the monster, or I can't lol. Game here: 

Please subscribe to my YT channel.

This combination really worked well together and made for an interesting game! It was pretty difficult but I managed to beat it after getting used to sneaking around! Great work on this

i actually feel hype about this one, it really jumpscared me.. yeah i see 2 or 3 of those weird backroom videos didn't think to much of them... but then you come out with a backrooms game.. lol 5/5


running too dizzy


That's because I wanted it to be similar to running from Kane Pixels Youtube video "The Backrooms (Found Footage)". It was supposed to be a faithful representation of what happened in that video.


Before looking over my review, the crucial information about me is that I have strong prejudice against games based on the popularized idea and concepts, such as the new "meta" Backrooms. Previously, it was P.T. and FNAF and Slender Man, but now it's this. Yet, beyond all my concern for the developers being confronted with that issue, I do love this game and the execution is neat.
The concept of Backrooms and Slender combined actually makes more sense, as I have not see or played such before, now when I think of it, the idea of the game seems decent. As long as you, as the developer can go on and add more uniqueness to it the game would work.
Good luck with this one dev. I do wish to see the continuation and please, make it count and keep on going. Well-done. 

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